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Google Adwords Course in Rome

Learn How To Promote A Website: Become An Expert At AdWords!

The Practical Course in Google AdWords teaches you how to design and manage online advertising campaigns in a professional manner.

For further information on costs and registration use the contact us form, or call us.  Through this course you will learn the following:

  • How to set up a Google AdWords account
  • How to select keyword performance
  • Different types of advertising campaigns
  • How to create and manage announcements optimally on both the Research Network and on the Display Network
  • How to properly set an advertising budget
  • How to monitor the progress of your pay per click campaigns

The course is specifically meant for:

  • Those who want to understand the functioning of the advertising platform Google AdWords
  • Those who have already activated their AdWords campaigns and want to optimize the results of their investments
  • Those who wants to work as Google AdWords Consultants

How does it work

During the course, you practice with mock AdWords advertising campaigns and projects.
You will learn:

  • to identify the target audience
  • to write successful ads
  • to create and customize effective landing pages
  • to monitor and optimize online campaigns both on the Search Network and on the Display Network
  • to choose the right budgets
  • to track the performance of your pay per click ads.


Contact the information office for all available dates


Rome - Viale Carlo Felice, 103
(area S. Giovanni)


12 hours in the classroom + 6 hours of Master class
or online


one meeting a week

time slots:

9:30 to 13:30; 16:00-20:00; 19:00-22:00

How the courses work?

During this training you will be guided by professionals who will share their experiences with you.

After the course, you can participate in the specialized AdWords Master Class, where you will receive the opportunity to start putting your acquired skills into practice and so learn to deal with and solve common problems in managing AdWords campaigns. Finally, if your intention is to become an AdWords Certified Consultant, we offer an educational experience that prepares you for the Google test: the Course of Preparation for AdWords Certification.


What will you learn during the course?

  • how to structure an online advertising campaign
  • how to select quality keywords
  • how to optimize a landing page
  • how to track conversions

Information and promotions

For information about costs, dates, registration procedures, and promotions, contact us by filling out the contact form or calling us.
If you wish, we can send you an e-mail with the detailed schedule of classes and course exercises. We recommend that you also enter your telephone number and the times when you prefer to be contacted

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