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Social media marketing Course in Rome

Social Media Training: The Postgraduate Course in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Training is the Practical Course in Social Media Marketing that allows you to learn how to exploit the potential of the major social platforms for professional purposes and / or business. In 40 hours of lectures and classroom exercises + 16 hours of master classes of specialized and practical study you will learn how to use:

  1. All the major social networks for marketing purposes;
  2. What are the styles of communication and peculiarities of each platform;
  3. How to implement integrated strategies for social media marketing;
  4. How to manage social communities;
  5. How to plan, implement and monitor advertising for social campaigns;
  6. How to monitor the return on investment of a strategy in the social media marketing.

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Ongoing social media marketing: Intended audience

- For those who are studying or have studied communications, new media or advertising and would like to work as a Social Media Manager, that is, as an expert of a brand communication strategy and its promotion through social networks.

- For media professionals who want to update their expertise in social media marketing.

- For professionals or entrepreneurs who, for the promotion of its activities , would independently experiment with social media as an additional marketing channel to traditional ones.

How does the course work?

The objective of the Course for the Social Practical Media Marketing, is now providing skills and tools in order to use the social media as a marketing channel for the promotion of a brand, a company, a product and a service. During the course you will learn how to effectively manage the basic and advanced features of Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram. Flickr is practicing directly on real cases, whilst we are analyzing some case studies of companies that have successfully used social networks as a communication channel. You will have your own internet terminal from which you may carry out tests and exercises, which often will expect interaction and confrontation both with your classmates and professors who are professionals within the industry.

Starting dates:

Contact the office information for all available dates


Rome - Viale Carlo Felice, 103
(area S. Giovanni)


From 8 to 40 hours in the classroom
+ 16 hours of Master Class Practices or online


1 meeting a week


9:30 to 13:30; 16-20; 19:00 to 22:00 or customizable

What will you learn during the course

  • To choose and set your social media marketing strategy for different business sectors (B2B, B2C)
  • To write an effective post in the appropriate language to each Social channel
  • To develop a publishing social media marketing plan
  • To get more fans / followers and increase the engagement rate
  • To create and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • To read and interpret the key performance indicators in the social (KPI)
  • To monitor and analyze the data of the advertising campaigns on social media
  • To calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a campaign of social media marketing
  • To design and implement a comprehensive consulting Social Media Marketing, from quotation to the analysis and results

What will you do

  • You write interesting content for the target audience in the specific language of each Social channel
  • Explore different editorial plans of social media marketing and the most effective strategies in the business perspective on real cases
  • Promoting post, events, videos and products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Analyze the results of social media marketing campaigns, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses
  • Calculate the ROI of Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Simulate a consulting Social Media Marketing

Certification Social Media Marketing

All participants are awarded a certificate of attendance. A professional skills certification is also released in the field of Social Media Marketing to students who complete their training by attending the Masterclass . They contribute to the final evaluation of the constant attendance of the course and passing the final test. The Master Classes are practical workshops taught by highly qualified teachers and professionals. The intent is to deepen the aspects and practice by working on real projects with specific objectives, develop a working method, addressing and resolving concrete problems developed, whilst monitoring and evaluating the impact of social media marketing strategies.

Information and promotions

For the information about costs, dates, registration procedures and promotions, contact us by filling the form or calling us. We recommend that you also insert your telephone number and time when you prefer to be contacted, as it will be easier for you to have, from our educational consultants, the answers that you need to understand how our Master of Social Media Marketing, is worthwhile to achieve your professional goals or business.

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