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Web Marketing Course in Rome

Web Training : The Practical Course to become a Web Marketing Specialist

The Web Training course provides comprehensive classroom and On Line training in web marketing and social media for the web. Featuring a highly practical approach, the web training workshops are not only developed to learn what you need as an inittial stage of your career online, but where you can start to apply the techniques learned and applying them in a real work environment. The course is held in Rome and covers 40 hours of lectures and classroom exercises, with an optional 24 hours of master classes. During this period we will re-create problems and errors of real work situations. Alternatively , you can attend an online course on our On Line Training E-learning platform. For information on costs and registration please contact us using the form below.


Who are the courses for?

The On Line Web Training course is especially suitable for anyone who would like to have a professional career such as:
- Web Marketing Specialist (For companies, web agencies or as a freelancer)
- Web Content Manager ( Managing blog content and information portals)
- Have your own business projects online to be developed and launched
- Already work within a company, and would like to promote online via websites or social profiles

How the courses work?

From the moment the participant begins his/her course with Sweb S.r.l., they are engaged to create the web content for the users various needs, such as:
gain a concrete experience in the positioning of websites on search engines; learn to manage web content from a business perspective using the main channels of web marketing and social media marketing.
Have their own internet point with which to perform tests and exercises.
Participate in master classes, hands-on labs putting into practice the web marketing techniques acquired directly on specific work projects, from design to construction.

Web Marketing Certification

For the constant attendance of the course and passing the final exam, all participants are awarded a certificate of attendance. Also issued is a Certification of professional skills in the field of Web Marketing to students who complete their training by attending master classes during or after the course.


Contact us at our Headquarters for all available dates

Rome - Viale Carlo Felice , 103
(Zona S. Giovanni )

Course duration:

40 hours in the classroom
+ 24 optional hours of Masterclasses

Practices days:

One meeting a week across these hours:
9:30 to 13:30;

What will you learn during the course

  • How to write content for the web
  • How the code of a web page is optimized 
  • How to place a web site using SEO techniques 
  • How to plan content for a website 
  • How to promote a website using web and social media marketing techniques 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Ads and other affiliations 
  • Google Adwords

What you will do

• Write interesting content for your target audiences
• Maximize content to make them visible on the search engines
• Organize the architecture and SEO strategy of a site , and analyze the results
• Post advertising, events and special offers on Facebook
• Set up a campaign on Google Adwords panel
• Simulate a web marketing consultancy

Information and promotions

For information about costs, dates, registration procedures and promotions, contact us by filling out the form or calling us on 067005444. If you wish, we can send you an e -mail with the schedule of classes and course exercises. We recommend that you also insert your telephone number and time of when you prefer to be contacted. Our professional consultants will answer to your requests, and will help you understand how our courses will fit your specific needs in order to achieve your professional goals.

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