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Who we are

Sweb – The High-Quality Professional Training Centre

Founded and director by Simona Leone is the founder and company Director of Sweb Srl. Sweb Srl. developed the idea of a training center focusing on how to utilize better the internet tools and giving professional consultancy, web marketing and internet advertising for small and medium-sized businesses.

In this day and age, most of us having a business would agree that Internet has become an essential part of our daily bread and lives, in order to overcome the burden of the huge competition due to the fast growing of today’s modern technology, proof of today’s younger generation’s addiction to technology and use it as an educational advantage, in-line with the transformation of modern classrooms that has become a high-tech computer center for online learning.

This empowered Sweb Srl. to administer and focus on a Training Centre, which has now been operative for these last 15 years, helping hundreds of students and people in business, with high-quality professional courses, assisting the students to acquire better skills within this sector and to enhance their online presence. One of the qualities of Sweb Srl is to make sure all clients / students put into practice all that they learn, with a continuous strategic point, giving the best tools and professional consultancies.

 The Results:

  • Conducted more than 400 courses 

  • Enrolled more than 1500 online courses 

  • Enrolled more than 2500 in classes
Engaged International Collaboration with over 20 different Courses

International Collaborations

In 2014 Sweb Srl reshuffled the Company to a modern European multicultural, partnering to European projects focusing on hands on training.

Sweb Srl sat foot on different projects such as:

  • Leonardo project, Growing AISLI, funded by European Union. This project involved several language schools around Italy with exchanges of Professional vocational visits to Dublin, London and Malta, aimed to develop the skills within private companies, giving a unique opportunity to all participants, gain awareness of their potential business, whilst implementing the processes and improvements of better quality and the approach of users, including marketing and sales techniques.
  • A platform has been created by Sweb Srl, to all beneficiaries of the project Growing AISLI, who had the opportunity to discover the world of Web. This project enhanced better and improved the use of digital marketing, Optimization, pay per click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing which are Sweb Srl expertise and knowledge, creating best online customer experience.
  • Sweb Srl, has been chosen through these projects as one of the potential partners with companies mainly in UK and Malta, as the main provider within the world of Web, for its dynamic training