E-Learning Training Scheme fully funded by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection

Sweb S.r.l. Proposal for the Malta Tourism Authority Online Course on Online Marketing and Digital Skills for the Tourism Sector in Malta (Live Streaming Course)

Training Content of the Courses Offered:

Training for a group of 10 participants on the use of the main Social Medias, mainly Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and on the use of Email Marketing Campaigns. Kindly refer to Annex I – Online Training Detailed programme Option 1 and Option 2 (same amount of hours).

Link to Detailed Courses Programmes, Project's document profile and Student's Booking Form:

Kindly downlad our application form by clicking the link in the red box; applications must be received by the 16th May 2020 (applications can be sent via email directly to euprojectssweb@gmail.com after downloading the PDF called Annex III – Booking Form).

For any information about the courses and the application procedures you can send us an email to the following email address: euprojectssweb@gmail.com.

Important Note: Together with your booking form, you need to attach the following documents / information:
- Copy of your CV in English (please refer to our terms and conditions with regards to the note to be added for the privacy protection).
- Gmail account (necessary for the course).
- Copy of your ID and a letter of employment proving that you are employer in tourism in Malta.


Click on the link below to download the booking form and the other annexes containing all information needed. Download Booking form Download Annex I Download Annex 2

To Apply please download and complete the Booking form then send it to euprojectssweb@gmail.com


2 hours per day – twice per week per each course

(possible training timing from 9.30am until 11.30am or from 17.00pm until 19.00pm).

Conditions of Service Provided

Sweb srl will provide the online training in Live Streaming Mode through the use of Zoom Online Training Platform with maximum 10 participants for each course and with a professional trainer of Sweb Srl. Each course is of 20 hours and the classes are in English. Sweb srl can provide training for a maximum of 2 courses overlapping and starting on the same date.

Each course is of 2 meetings on a weekly basis and for 2 hours during each meeting, the course is very practical and thus the trainer will ask each participant to complete some tasks outside the training hours, this is to make the course more engaging, practical and really hands-on practise for all the participants. Sweb srl will provide all the details with regards to the access to the online training platform used during the online lessons.

The material used during the online lessons will be accessible to all the participants through a folder uploaded on Google Drive. Before the start of the course, the team of Sweb srl needs to receive a Gmail account per each learner of the course and a questionnaire to be completed by each participant to have more information about each individual profile and personal and professional training needs. The course is performed in the English Language.

Participants' Profiles

As requested in the "Call of Expression of Interest" of April 2020 published by the Malta Tourism Authority in cooperation with the Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection, the courses of Sweb Srl "are addressed to a variety of abilities and occupational levels and needs to take into consideration the tourism industry in its boards sense, including transport, visitor attraction, service providers, DMCs, and other stake holders

Services Provided to the course participants

  • Online training suitable for the workforce in the tourism industry as explained in details in the Annex I;
  • Online contact with tutor for support to participants;
  • Provision of course material to participants online;
  • Correction of any course exercise completed by the participants;
  • Provision of participants with an anonymous feedback platform directed to the Malta Tourism Authority (for example Survey Monkey tool).
  • Provision of certification of participation.

Further Information about Online Training Institute and project's learning outcomes and Impact on the participants.

Who is Sweb srl, the training centre and what are its connections with the Malta Tourism Authority?

Sweb srl is an Italian private company based in Rome, Italy. Mrs. Simona Leone is the CEO and Owner of the Company, with a vast experience within the field of training and online marketing skills and with a real passion for European Programmes and Internationalization processes of her business.
The company's main business is the consultancy within the following fields: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Content Management, the company also provides training services in the same areas (classroom training and online training). Sweb srl's practical courses are addressed to clients, who want to promote their businesses online (entrepreneurs, companies' employees who want to improve their professional skills, future professionals of Digital Marketing).

Sweb srl has been managing in the past a series of different portals, it has been active on the internet market since 2007 and these have been the goals and results reached by the company thanks to the services rendered by Sweb Srl:

-2.500.000 visitors to the company's portals every month;
-14.000.000 pages of the portals visited every month;
- 1.150.000 monthly clicks generated by all the web sites on 60 different portals;
- 1.200.000 pages written with optimized contents on the Internet;
- 547.000 keywords with position of the first pages of the main search engines.

Sweb srl is also now an expert and professional training company providing VET Courses for those learners or young professionals who want to approach the web world, work as a web specialist or create his or her own business. The courses are very practical and all learners have the chance to work and practice on real and existing portals.

Main Areas of Sweb srl's expertise:

  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Digital Marketing;
  • - SEO (search engine optimization) Techniques;
  • - SEM (search engine marketing)
  • - Landing pages (included graphics);
  • - E-mail Marketing Campaigns;
  • - Web Content Management;
  • - Web Sites checks and screenings.

Malta Tourism AuthorityThe Malta Tourism Authority and Sweb Srl have developed a professional link based on trust and professionalism thanks to two important cooperation within the field of the Erasmus Plus programme sessenium 2014-2020. Starting from 2016 and up to these first few months of 2020, the Malta Tourism Authority has selected nearly 100 participants from Malta from diverse businesses within the tourism sector, to spend one week in Rome for a practical professional traineeship hosted by Sweb Srl and focusing on the use of the main Social Medias and on the promotion of diverse Maltese businesses online.

These Erasmus Plus programmes have been fully funded by the EU Commission and all the participants gave a very positive feedback about this experience, and for this reason the online courses can represent a continuation of such positive cooperation within these two entities and they can lead the way to further future projects and strategic partnerships between Malta and Italy, when this crisis of the Covid-19 will be over and mobilities of participants will be allowed again.

Sweb's Clients and Students' Testimonials:
Sweb Srl has been collaborating with various reputable entities and the training school has been offering a variety of course and services to clients such as the Malta Tourism Authority, TIM S.p.A., ACI (Automobile Club d'Italia), ACI Informatica S.p.A., Leonardo Global Solutions S.p.A., ASTRAL Azienda Strade Lazio S.p.A., Agenzia del Demanio, ISMEA (Istituto di Servizi per il Mercato Agricolo Alimentare), AIL (Associazione Italiana contro le leucemie-linfomi e mieloma ONLUS), Fondazione ENPAM (Ente Nazionale di Previdenza ed Assistenza Medici), Circolo UniCredit Banca Roma, Total Erg S.p.A., Green Network S.p.A., Top Network Spa, Value Services S.p.A., Unopiù S.p.A., Teatro Brancaccio, Hotel Hassler, Prontobollo S.r.l., Caffè Aiello S.r.l., Perinetti Auto S.r.l.

It is possible to read some testimonials of past clients of Sweb Srl, including some testimonials in English of Maltese participants, hosted in Rome thanks to the cooperation with the Malta Tourism Authority within the scheme of Erasmus Plus Funded projects: https://www.corsi-web-roma.com/opinioni-corsi.html

Read the reviews form all the people that already attended our courses:

Bernard Deguara

"I would like first of all to say thank you to SWEB SRL and Malta Tourism Authority for the opportunity they gave me to be able to attend their Digital Marketing course in Rome which had given me great knowledge on how to attract more customers to my Bar and Restaurant business through platforms like FB,Instagram and Youtube. 100 points to the organisers and all the people involved to make this course a great success.Thank you Emanuela Marinacci.You were there for us from when we landed in Rome till the very end when we left Rome..You are impeccable,down to earth and made us feel at ease straight away.You made sure that we were well looked after wether it was the food at the Restaurant,The Hotel and the Transport offered.Everything was Top Notch. To be honest for the very first time I was feeling more like a VIP then a student😀 visiting Rome. Let me also thank the drivers and the service their company offered us. Clean and comfortable vehicles,smart and friendly drivers always on time..Thank you also goes to Hotel San Marco and the staff,for the clean rooms and amazing Breakfasts.Last but not least many thanks to Antonino our Tour guide who was with us to show us his wonderful city of Rome and explain to us it's History.He is unique, and his style of mixing humour in his explanations makes you want to learn more from him. I hope I have included everyone in showing my appreciation for this wonderful experience. My heartfelt appreciation to all involved. Thank you guys."

Christine Cremona

"We have just finished our last lesson within this course. This erasmus course offered by SWEB through the Malta tourism authourity was a very interresting course. It was an eye opener on how important and how usefull is social media in our lives and mostly in our buissness/work place. Personally I was not that much into social media, maybe because I was so much focused on the daily work needs. This course was useul as it thought me that attracting visitors and clients to our site can be successful through socila media, plus keeping a good contact with our visitors and clients. Apart from that the lecturers were really nice and well informed. A special thanks to MTA, SWEB and Emanuela. This experience in Rome was a special one. Thanks"

Kyle Agius

"I've just completed an Erasmus Plus Programme organized by the Malta Tourisim Authority in collaboration with SWEB Srl, in Rome. This intense program focused on the Digital Marketing and how can a business optimize from such tool ex Facebook and Instagram to promote its product/Service. The most interesting thing, is that depite all of us coming from different area within the Tourism Industry, we all faced common issues and I believe such a course help the individual getting new ideas from expertise and colleagues. Will definetly participate again in such courses in the nearby future"

Cleaven F Desira

"Erasmus Plus Program organised through the Malta Tourism Authority in collaboration with SWEB Srl, located in Rome, Italy, over the course of 5 days has been my first class abroad from my country. If I have to describe this experience in one word I would say Glorious. The organisation from all the co-ordinators was very friendly, punctual, professional and really helped us open our mind to new paths in work and the way of thinking. This was the perfect experience for a school in the best place to learn about past, present and future. Rome, the centre of the world we know from the start of a great Empire. I will recommend it to all involved in our work and will hopefully return again with more colleagues."

Marie So

"I have just completed a Digital Marketing intensive course during 5 day 'Erasmus Plus Programme' organised by the Malta Tourism Authority at the SWEB Srl in Rome. We had the opportunity to learn about Facebook and Instagram with Alessandro Carlaccini and about YouTube and Email Marketing Strategy with Susanna Bulgheroni. Knowing already quite a few topic, I was really glad to see how much I have learned from our 2 tutors. Social Media are not so easy to use when we would like to use them in a right way to improve the awareness of the company. I would like to thank the Malta Tourism Authority and SWEB Srl in Rome for the great organisation and opportunity. A big thank you to our amazing host Emanuela Marianecci, who made sure at all time that our trip in Rome was as perfect as possible. I would highly recommend this course as it was an great experience !."

Roo Bugeja

"Just completed a Digital Marketing Course with SWEB Rome, Italy and The Malta Tourism Authority. The course was informative and focused on the current trends of Social Media, YouTube and Email Marketing. We have seen a huge shift from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing so such courses are essential for anyone working in the industry of Tourism. The lecturers completed the training in 5 days and answered to all of our questions and also gave us suggestions and shared best practices. A special thanks goes to our host Emanuela who is friendly, kind and caring and ensured that our stay in Rome was one to remember. A great experience overall in a beautiful city.."


"I have just completed a 5 day 'Erasmus Plus Programme' organised by the Malta Tourism Authority at SWEB Srl in Rome. The training was very informative with 2 very professional tutors, Alessandro and Susanna. They explained the importance of Social Network Marketing and how we can influence customers to use our product through the use of Webmail, Facebook and Instagram. This was a great experience and I highly recommend the course. Thank you Emanuela for your great hospitality."

What are the expected learning outcomes of this online training for the participants?

The Learning outcomes expected from this training are:

  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills specifically related to the ICT sector.
  • Enhancing professionalism whilst widening their entrepreneurship skills.
  • Acquiring new contents and methodologies to move on for more updated and effective professional training shared with their company colleagues.
  • Increasing sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.
  • Increasing self-empowerment and self-esteem. Improved competences, linked to their professional profiles especially within the field of Digital Skills.
  • Increased capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernisation and international opening within their organisations.
  • Increased opportunities for professional and career development.
  • Increased motivation and satisfaction in their daily work.

Further Participants' impact

1) Impact at 1st line: for the Staff involved within the tourism sector:
- Changing the professional practice of the participants after acquiring new competences and knowledge thanks to this practical course; - Improving new ideas and speech of the participants after the knowledge exchange;
- Progressing in non-formal training through work-based learning applied to the Digital Skills;
- Strengthening of professional skills to be more flexible and knowledgeable in a word that is changing its way to do business and to find new clients, whilst presenting new services and offers to adapt each business to the changes that will be imposed by the global crisis due to the Covid-19 emergency.

2) Impact at 2nd line (indirect): for the Staff involved within the tourism sector:
- The feed-back of the other Staff and peer learning encourages the professional mind-sets in the work team, bringing forth inspiration, new practices and further new dynamics.
- Participants' clientele will benefit from an improved quality of new services and approaches.

For any further information and clarifications please do not hesitate to contact the Training Team of Sweb Srl. You can reach each via email: euprojectssweb@gmail.com.

Thanks for your Attention!

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